About Shekinah
About Shekinah

Shekinah is a birth doula and womb shaman, guiding women and men on the path of Beloved Tantra through embodiment of sexuality and soul. She teaches courses and retreats all over the world. She trains and initiates other teachers in Womb Wisdom, and as a doula provides a container and guidance for families through the profound journey of conscious birthing.

She meditated regularly from age 4 and later explored martial arts, and Buddhist philosophy. She later directed this focus into Zen training and monastic living. This cultivated a connection to broader mindfulness and presence, but she felt something was missing from this approach to awakening, namely the body and soul.

Shekinah was formally trained as a Rolfer, Cranial Sacral therapist, and Anusara Yoga Instructor. She had a private practice for 15 years working with professional athletes and those invested in healing and awakening through deeper body and spirit awareness. This experience gave her a depth of understanding and skill with the body as doorway to the emotional map of the soul.

Shekinah also worked as an international wilderness guide for 10 years, using the medium of the natural world to further empower others into healing addictions and traumas and more deeply connect with their soul identity. She has guided on some of America’s tallest peaks and most sought after rivers. She has a deep connection to the earth and is very at home in the wilderness.

Her womb work began with the extraordinary birth of her daughter in the Pacific Ocean. Throughout her first pregnancy she allowed the ocean to nurture and guide her into the remembered way of water birth as it had been done for thousands of years. This birth inspired many women to come to Hawaii to pursue ocean birthing. In the pregnancy and birth of her son she directly received many ancient birthing practices refining birth in a more conscious and connected way.

Shekinah thrives on expanding frontiers on all horizons of earth, body, and soul. This makes her a catalytic force in living and teaching a deeply embodied state of womb consciousness.

Shekinah is co-author of A Soul’s Guide to Birthing and facilitator of Womb Embodiment courses, retreats and workshops worldwide.