The 7 Gates are a map of the soul’s wounds and gifts as experienced through the physical sexual portals of our bodies. For both men and women, opening these gates through the process of revealing and embracing the deep emotional imprints of karma brings us into the experience of knowing the eternal, within.

In a 7 Gates Reading, Katherine takes you on a healing journey through the gates, and a practical set of actions to further open, ignite, and enable a soul’s gifts and actualization into the world.  These readings are deep, potent, and life course altering.

Readings last an hour through Zoom videoconferencing and cost is $125 per session. Please contact Katherine directly to schedule using the form below:


Doula Support


The journey of birthing begins long before we dance with the rushes of our laboring wombs. It is seeded long before the sensual, ripening, and deepening pregnancy. And it is even suggested before the orgasmic meeting of masculine and feminine in conception deep in heightened ecstatic union.

Pre conception is a time to cleanse our bodies, emotions and souls, bringing care and embrace to the layers of wounding that limit our ability to love. This healing clears our vessel so an incoming soul can incarnate less hindered by our limiting inheritance of illusion.

The unconscious conception, gestation, and birth traumas we received from our parents leave indelible imprints on our minds, emotions and souls, altering our understanding and experience of life and love. In revealing and releasing these deep subconscious layers, we clear a pathway for our child’s pure soul to emerge untainted. We follow the evolutionary imperative of love that all parents have within them: to make our children happier and better than we are. In so doing, we have to clear the ancestral patterns that made our parents who they are, and that imprinted onto us. 

This healing is no small undertaking. It entails walking directly into our darkest shadow, the repository places within us we’ve left untouched for most of our lives. Our willingness to emotionally FEEL everything that arises in this journey is key to our efficient navigation through to the other side of our illusions and limitations. In the feeling and embrace of all that has been locked away, we bring life, movement back into those stuck places, allowing our life force to metabolize and release these deep magnetic imprints on our reality.

Why do we do this before we even conceive?

Studies on Genomic Imprinting show that even before the egg and sperm cells are released, nature has already specified a specific set of gene characteristics to be activated upon conception. These activated genes, or template, determines character within the offspring. 

This understanding underlines the importance of healing our deepest causal wounds pre-conception. In healing and releasing our ancestral (genetic) imprinting, our sexual wounding, and distortions around masculine and feminine intimacy and relating we raise the vibration of the genetic template for our children. This means the implied potential of their genetics, is less hindered by our ancestral and personal histories.

Katherine works with couples in the preconception journey who are ready to heal and open themselves to the journey of conscious birthing. With proper guidance, this journey can be an initiation for the entire family, ushering each parent more deeply into their innate gifts and service and ushering in the next evolutionary potential for all humanity through the incoming child.  This is the true design of birthing from the soul’s perspective.


Conscious Birthing happens when we have healed our vessels and can surrender ourselves to this journey through Creation. The awakened womb becomes the gestating vessel and doorway for the new evolutionary expression of ourselves.

Becoming pregnant is more than a physiological shift and process within our body.  Our exaggerated nipples, swollen breasts, fits of nausea are all symptoms of a much deeper impregnation within our psyche, spirit, and soul.

The whole process of birthing helps a woman to embody herself in a profound way. As women, our biology is a direct portal into our soul, into Gaia, into the Divine. When we surrender into this process, we agree to let ourselves be fully forged in the fires of Creation. When we emerge, we radiate more of the clarity of our soul and carry the physical resonance of our soul in our very being. 

As our body slowly opens, month by month, layer by layer to the residing presence of another soul and body within our womb, so do our souls open to reclaim and release all that is, and is not ours to carry. The nine months of communion with self, with child, with partner, and with Source is a period of deep undoing and redoing. In waves of hormones we embody unprecedented elasticity in our bodies, our souls, our ways of being. When supported in a consistent cocoon of home, partnership and connection, this can enable transformation.

This is a time of joy and celebration, openness, bonding, and new responsibility. As a soul doula for you and your family, Katherine works to support each parent in the phases of pregnancy through birth and post birth. She works with the couple together in clarifying and strengthening the true tenants of their relationship and in connection to the incoming soul. She also works with them individually to address any emotional healing that arises and guide them deeper into the seeds of their own soul’s expression and purpose being gestated through this time.