The Web of Life is a profound and deeply timeless journey through the 7 Gates into the Womb and Hara and The Web of Life that connects us all.

Facilitated by Shekinah Zorensky and Fabiana Sacca

The Web of Life 8 month Course and Retreat is the Gold Standard of Womb Consciousness Courses available on the planet today. It will create a profound shift in all facets of your life, your Shakti and your consciousness rapidly. Be ready! Life will change.

This Course is a Deep Opening into embodying the Divine Human, and dissolving the obstacles along the way.

We fully embody through the dynamic, Alive, Awake dance of the Divine and our human selves, bringing together our sexuality, our soul and Consciousness. The Web of Life comes forth from the Womb of Creation: from here we are born, from here we return, riding spiraling threads of the One. A woman’s womb-heart creates the portal and the container to Realise this in human form in conjunction with a man, whose hara-heart creates the pillar for these forces to manifest on earth.

Spiraling Vortexes ascend and descend through 7 sacred sexual pathways, weaving through the womb into the Web of Life that connects all beings. These are movements of Shakti, the juice of vibrating, pulsing, humming, generating life force, creating the hologram of all creation, flowing through the human form. Within YOU.

Your body is the start and end of these spiraling movements that move magnetic currents of pure feeling through your body.

These Spirals pass through all creation, in your body and soul; and from you, wend their way through all beings and all creation. As these spirals flow freely through ourselves, more profound pieces of ourself come into the here and now, into the body, from all dimensions. This embodies an individual through the web of life that is constantly creating all beings and all life right now in this moment.

"Some of the most profoundly transformative work on the planet."


Course cost is $300 a month and will have a 7 day retreat component (cost separate). There are separate courses for men and women and pre-requisites are 7 Gates and Deepening courses.


Web of Life Course (men)

The pre-requisite for this course is 7 Gates into the Hara and Men's Deepening.

July 4th, 2019 - 8 Month Online Course

Register with Deposit USD $320

Web of Life Course (women)

Online Course for women only

September 4, 2019 - 8 Month Online Course

Register with Deposit USD $320

The Web of Life Course includes the 13 Roses of the Divine Feminine

Throughout the ages in many sacred traditions the Divine Feminine Wisdom and Experiential, practical Ways to access Shakti in harmony and union with Beloved God and Divine Love was passed from High Priestess to High Priestess in what has always been known as:

The Sisterhood of the Rose.

These High Priestesses, known as Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Isis, Hathor, Kwan Yin, Helen, Sophia and many more, all had the secret wisdom and experiential means to initiate and bring others into the Rose of the Divine Feminine. They Initiated others to teach this Wisdom once they were ready to do so, with their hearts, souls, shadows and Shakti aligned to the Will of Love and Truth.

There are 13 Roses of The Feminine Christ Consciousness. These 13 Roses are not intellectual teachings, but direct, lived experiences that ignite the Grail of your soul and womb in Union with Beloved God. This happens within you.

The 13 Roses embrace the Holy Trinity of Gaia, The Shekinah or The Feminine Face of God in Action, and Beloved God, Creator of the soul and all Life.

The Web of Life Course also includes: 

  • Individual, Tailored Guidance one-on-one with intuitive, clairvoyant, empathic and highly evolved Priestess Guides who have undergone many years of intensive training in the development of Shakti, love and wisdom, as well as deep clearing of their own shadow. 
  • Releasing the 7 Swords in your spiritual-sexual body, as shared by Mary Magdalene
  • Samskaric Seed Transmissions: Releasing your core seeds of suffering. 
  • Heal your Conception and Birth Journeys
  • Womb Dialoguing: learn to tune into your womb more clearly for mystic guidance and oracular divination
  • Sound Training to use authentic Aramaic, Egyptian, Sanskrit mantras: you too can do it!
  • Teaching structures given on how to run Courses once you are certified as a teacher. 

In the Web of Life Retreat at the end of the Course, you will immerse into a Divine Feminine Earth site. 

The Web of Life Course is Part 2 of a 3 Part Cycle that brings one through an Integrated Pathway of Soul Realisation. It is open to anyone who has done the 7 Gates: Journey into Womb Course and Retreat. Please contact us if you are interested in this Course. 

The Web of Life Course is also part of the Teacher Training that empowers an individual to Teach The 7 Gates Journey into Womb Course. Those who wish to engage in the extra Modules of the Teacher Training, please contact us